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Items to carry in car for emergencies

I found the following list in a New Dimensions newsletter I found over 
the weekend:

Recommended items to carry in your automobile:
 1: Bottle of oil
 2: Jug of water
 3: Flares and/or emergency triangle
 4: Jumper cables
 5: Selection of fuses
 6: Flashlight
 7: First aid kit
 8: Rubber & leather gloves
 9: Coveralls or old shirt
10: Small tarp or plastic sheet
11: Key for wheel locks
12: Fire extinguisher
13: Rags & towels
14: Duct tape
15: Safety wire
16: Service manual (Bentley)
17: Selection of hand tools
18: Big garbage bags

"Water cooled" Volume 2 Number 1 Winter 1995, New Dimensions Ltd.

... obviously these guys don't own a QTC! ;)

I would add a selection of lamps, and hose clamps.  I have been able
to get back on the way with expeditious use of hose clamps on a cou-
ple of occasions.  (probably the best one was using a hose clamp to
attach the stub of the throttle cable to the cruise control actuator).

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)