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Re: handbrake won't release!

   I lived in the north for many years.  Major tip:  Do NOT use the parking
   brake during the winter.  Your cable can lock up and leave you stranded,
Well, I'd recommend you just fix the cable/caliper, rather than not using
the parking brake (although I went through a whole winter once sans parking
brake for that very reason...)

   This little problem can be especially toublesome in front wheel drive
   cars.   You can drive and not know that it is occuring.  A few years ago,
   I saw a VW Golf at 50 mph with both rear tires locked and smoking.

Yeah, that first sub-freezing night, I thought the ole UrQ was being more-
than-usually sluggish. I finally decided ('bout a block later) that some-
thing was indeed wrong and got out to check things out. Noticed the right
rear disk was a slowly-dimming cherry red . . . but it did thaw out the
brakes and I got home without further incident. Ho Hum.