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Re: Arrgh !! No Clothes

When someone attempted to break into the trunk of my jetta, they 
destroyed my lock.  I was going camping that weekend and my hiking boots, 
sleeping bag, pad, and tent were in the trunk.  I got really creative in 
accessing the trunk.  I removed the rear speakers, reached through the 
hole and with a screwdriver released the tabs that hold the seat back in 
place.  I removed the seat back, exposing a cardboard panel that covers 
the opening for the optional ski sack.  I removed the panel and had a 10 
x 8 in. hole into the trunk.  If you have the ski sack in your car, all 
you have to do is remove it (if that's possible from the interior) and 
you can get your clothes.  Its a temporary fix, but is sure beats a shotgun!