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Distributor Noise & Heater Problem

Thanks for the help on my previous message...Also, sorry for all "caps"...didn't
know I was "shouting"....

With the advent of cold weather(5 to 10 deg F) in the east,  I am experiencing
two new problems....one is kinda odd,  the distributor makes a "growling" noise
when cold ...not continuously, it disapears within a few miles....it actually
feels like there's an interference in the distributor...I haven't had time or a
warm garage to inspect the distributor cap....it was replaced with a Bosch cap
this past summer,  but I'm seem to remember having this problem last year...

I seem to have the heater control flap problem... Can anyone be more specific
on where the problem is on '87 5kcstq?  Is it a lube problem or a broken spring
problem?? I guess I'm confused on this....Help it's cold.....I do have hot air
in the car just not on my legs and feet....and I still don't have a drivers
seat heater. Same problem as above no time and no heated garage...praying for a
warming trend to get these problems fixed....

Sal Nicosia

'87 5kcstq
'91 300E MB
'77 Vette

PS.... There IS a "Special Edition" 5k in 1987 listed in the Kelly Blue Book