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Re: How safe is above normal boost?

"Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@snetel.com> wrote o Mon, 11 Dec 1995 14:46:14
>Subject: TQC HP

>Just recently I did some wastegate mods to my coupe, (fully
>adjustable...) and can now pretty much dial in the HP.  WHat took me
>about 2 hours work, I now get plenty of power, (Pins the gauge at 2.0bar)
>and goes like a bat out of hell. If before I had 160hp, I would guess
>this to be easily 225 or so, probably more (guesses anyone?) THe question
>is, why whould I spend $800 for ned's mod??? Am I missing something here?
>Or is the result the same??

This is the key question.  Some people believe that the stock Audi ECU
correctly performs its control functions (mixture, timing, etc.) up to 2.0
bar.  Others are skeptical, indicating that you have to modify the brain
box appropriately.  Being optimistic, I took the liberal approach, and
modified my '90 200TQ 2 years ago for 1.8 bar without any ECU modifications
(except for overriding the fuel pump cutout, of course).  No problems so
far, but I would also like to get an informed opinion on this, especially
since I'm about to go to 2.0 bar.  We all know about the potential
mechanical problems with this mod (intercooling coming apart; intercooler
hoses blowing/wearing more readily; head gaskets don't seem to be a
problem), but it's the engine/combustion/heat characteristics which I'm
worried about.  (I could tell you a story about a friend who *melted* his
E30 M3 motor running at Michigan International Speedway using an
aftermarket chip and inappropriate gasoline.)

Terry Donohue
'90 200TQ