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Re: (Fwd) Re: Mega-Stereos

   Bass? How about Resphigi's (sp?), I think it is, _Church Windows_?

   That 16Hz pedal is a *killer* for almost all systems. Lotash flatulating 
   sounds, if you can hear anything at all. Nothin' like a Janis W2 15" 
   slot-loaded sub to make one smile...... I think it's only down 3db at 22.....

Or Also Sprach Zarathrustra...

Most speakers can only whimper at the second or third harmonic, the funda-
mental doesn't stand a chance . . . As to "car" speakers, Ha!

For *REAL* bass, try the Telarc 1812 Overture - it goes to something like
7Hz (the record [you know, those 12-in round black thingies granpa used
to play...] is the most viscious ever; you can actually see leading edge
of the cannon blasts in the groove geometry! Woof![er]).