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Re: Mega-Stereos

On Tue, 12 Dec 1995, Al Powell wrote:

> I think I will soon be experimenting with the Bose setup in our 200, 
> but I'll probably leave the stock speakers in place and see what 
> putting some decent EQ in the line after the head unit can do....

Ouch!  Take the speakers out an put in some decent ones.  EQ's add A LOT 
of distortion and coloration to the sound.  In dash EQ's are just 
glorified bass and treble controls.  They're not really effective in 
correcting for response deviations, and the Bose speakers are impossible 
to correct anyways.  I believe in the KISS method....Head unit, active 
crossover, amps, speakers.  Nothing more, nothing less.
There's only one problem...Bose has a tendency to EQ the system for their 
speakers to keep their "trademark" sound.  When you replace the speakers, 
the EQ is still there, and it might sound really wierd with speakers that 
are actually accurate.  I'm not sure if they do this in the audi systems, 
but its a safe bet that they did.  The only way to defeat the EQ is to 
replace the amps, and that might not be possible without replacing the 
head unit.  Bose loves to make things difficlult  8^)