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Re[2]: Mega-Stereos

          Yes there are, they're called resistivly damped enclosures.
     Or sometimes wrongly called "aperiodic"
     This is an installation where the woofer is mounted in a baffle 
     (board) that completely isolates it's front wave from it's rear wave 
     and has a permiable membrane installed either over the cone or right 
     behind the motor structure. 
     In this application, the membrane acts as the enclosure by effectively 
     controlling cone movement.
     I did this in my 85 4000 quattro (we all know where the gas tank is)
     and am having wonderful results. BTW, it helps to start with 
     components chosen for their real world performance rather than a 
     mediocre manufacturer's advertising hype.
     By this I mean pick up an issue of Car Audio or better yet,...
     Auto Sound and Security and take a good look at all of the ads and 
     decide for yourself what type of b.s. most of the mass producers are 
     feeding the general public.
     p.s. I'm not out to p*** anybody off, but I've spent the last 11 yrs. 
     of my life dedicated to the design and installation of esoteric car 
     audio systems and I am really tired of the general public's 
     misconception of audio and the mis-informed opinions that are 
     continually being used to fuel arguments that will never have a real 
     place in the ..........
     uh o, Im rambling,   
                           Look, it's really all only about the enjoyment 
     of music. 
     p.s. I'm sorry about the run-on.

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Subject: RE: Mega-Stereos
Author:  Greg Koehler (Volt Computer) <a-gregk@microsoft.com> at Internet
Date:    12/12/95 03:08 PM

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In defense of John, I think Audis need more than an average dose of 
bass to provide good balanced sound under normal driving conditions.   
I've never been to one of those car stereo shows, but I doubt the 
judges actually drive the cars around.  At least with my model 80, 
there's a substantial amount of road noise to overcome.  Low-end noise 
is even more pronounced if you opt for snow tires during the winter.
I have 110watts dedicated to a Bazooka tube firing through the rear 
seats, and it provides sufficient, but not exemplary bass.   When I 
installed the system, I couldn't think of any other solution that would 
still retain my miniature trunk --  What's the point of a Quattro if 
you can't use the ski bag and don't have enough room to carry your boots?
Are there any other bass solutions out there which maximize trunk space?