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Re: Driving on snow / quattro system

On 12 Dec 1995, grant f lenahan wrote:

> Ah, lots of misinformation flying around, that's what the
> internet is good for . . . 

15 years after the first quattro was sold, the vast majority
of media and owners still do not understand it...

> On later Qs, the center diff is no longer lockable. 

no, it is *automatically* locking as opposed to *manually* locking.

> It is
> a "torsen" (TORque-SENsing) diff, which allocates torque
> to the end with the most traction, to a maximum split of
> 25%/75% or 75/25.

and this is done by partial "locking".

>  It cannot be mechanically locked.

the torsen is a smart, automatically and mechanically locking