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Re: No more mail.

	   I would appreciate it if i could be dropped from this newsgroup.  
   Somebody please help me get off.  I don't have enough space in my inbox 
   to handle all the messages.


Hey list maintainer, would it be possible to set up a "subscribe"
mechanism that is a multi-phased handshake:

  First you "subscribe"

  Response is a readme with the rest of the instructions on how to
  subscribe and unsubscribe, like a long diatribe on promising to
  save the unsubscribe instructions so we all *KNOW* that the idiots
  broadcasting "please unsubscribe me" messages are truly idiots, and
  not merely misguided dupes.

  New subscriber then has to decode the subscribe instructions, and
  subscribe pass 2 generally stating that he/she knows how to unsub-

  List server finally allows person to subscribe . . .