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Re: (Fwd) Re: Mega-Stereos

> Gee, I was expecting AUDIDUDI to jump into this (kinda-Audi) audio thread.

Nope, I don't do audio any more ... just Audis.  BTW, Glen is correct about
the Entecs: I owned a pair for several years and loved them.  Never did get
them to blend properly with my Stax electrostatics, though.  Geez ... don't
get me started; next thing I'll be talking about the evils of CD, the glory
of vacuum tubes and the (hoped-for) resurgence of vinyl!  

Actually, I lied: I'm in the process of installing some Focal drivers in my
'87 5k (the midrange goes in the factory location and the tweeter goes into
the defroster vent, which doesn't get used much out here) but I'm not going
to say anything about it until I've finished it and since all of my money's
going into the racecar at the moment, that will probably be a while yet.

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