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Re: Is my quattro system working?


>Hello all,
>Thanks for the input on my rough ride problem.  It "must" have been packed
>snow somewhere, because as mysteriously as it appeared, it has now vanished.
>My real reason for writing is to find a sure fire way to tell if the q
>system on my 86kcstq is functioning properly.  I tried accelerating with two
>wheels on pavement and two on packed snow on the shoulder of a road.  The
>way I understand the quattro system, which may not be correct, is that most
>of the power should go to the right side (the pavement side) and the left
>side shouldn't spin too much.  Is this thinking flawed?  If so, is there a
>fool proof way to see if all's well in drive train land?
>I'm going on a pretty long trip(around 1,100 or 1,200 miles round trip) and
>if this thing is acting up, I'd like to know before I leave.
>Thanks for all your continued help.
>Allan Tygert

Even if you car has the Torsen center diff, all that does is ensure that
both ends will be driven.  If one wheel at each end has no traction, you
won't accelerate very well.  Locking the rear diff should help by forcing
drive to at least 1 wheel with traction, so that if that doesn't work your
rear diff lock may not be working.  I don't know your model well, but the
diff locks on the early urQs are a normal failure area.  None of this
should be a major problem on your trip, unless you're driving into deep

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL