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Re: Cooling System Hoses

 > My cooling system hoses are starting to go.  Anyone give me a 'best buy'
 > place to go mail order?  I'll call the dealer today for a quote (shudder).
 >  That 3 way molded upper radiator hose isn't going to come cheap...

Got mine at PAP or IPC (don't remember) awhile ago. Tried Carlsen's?

If you don't have the special locking plier that loosens those flat, spring
clamps (and locks them open so you can slip the new hose over the buldging
lip of the mounting), then I advise getting it. I got mine at a Snap-On truck
for $20, but I'd seen them elsewhere (for not much less, though). The jaws
swivel so that the handles can be positioned out of the way of obstructions.

Vise-grips and channel locks will work in the more accessable areas.

-- Eddi

 > Dave Head
 > 87 5KCSTQ