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Dumb Question

This has to rate as one of the lowest tech questions posed to the
group, but how does one go about opening the hood of a 1990 200 TQ if
it doesn't open when you pull the lever?  It might be frozen (it's been
cold and snowy here in MN), but it's  possible that the cable is broken. 
I've had the flu for the past few days, so I haven't been able to look too 
closely.  Anyone ever have this problem?

Now a question that might at least peak someone's interest.  I've had
this car since it was new.  Every winter when it gets cold (<5 deg F),
I seem to have a problem with the check valve on the fuel pump.  For  the first 
three years when the car was under warranty, as well as a fourth year when the 
warranty was extended by Audi, I had a new new check valve installed each 
winter.  The symptoms are/were, car starts
fine when cold, even -25 F after sitting outside.  Turn engine off and go into 
house or restaurant.  Come  out and car will not start until 60-120 seconds of 
cranking.  Sometimes if  you caught it just right, it would start and run rough 
for 15-30 seconds, then smooth out and run fine.  Each time the check valve was 
replaced it seemed to work ok for the rest of the winter.  I suspect that the 
little polymeric  seal on the end of the valve was deforming and when it was 
very cold, it leaked when it closed.  Anyone have this problem?  I'm ready to 
add a manual override to the  cold start valve so that I can shoot some gas  
into the intake, even when warm.  At worst, the extra flow through the cold 
start valve will get the gas up to the injectors more quickly.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  

Fred L. DeRoos