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Cost of repairs

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%DATE          15/12/95 07:31
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Greetings to all,

Just a little bandwidth expousing on what everyone seems to think as to the
expense of owning an Audi.

My wife gets the privilege of daily driving our 87 Quattro while I kinda feel
OK with my droF Ranger 4X4 pickup. (We need the utility of a pickup so....)
I recently thought I needed to replace the catalytic converter on the beast
and "whoa nelly" was told the thing cost $961 + installation!!!!  For a
FORD??  Forutunately, the problem is a broken weld on the heat sheild, but
how can we complain about our fine driving machines when the plain jane
manufacturers seem to be sticking it to the public many times more.]

I said it before and say it again, I really wish Audi would create a "Quattro
Pickup".  Buy one in a minute!!

Merry Christmas

Alan Callery