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Re: How safe is above normal boost?

>Dragging out my soapbox.......
>I'm going to make a rather unpopular suggestion for those folks that want a
>code dump on the IA box.  Go buy the box and dump the code, quit asking for
>Stepping off my soapbox...
>Eric Fletcher
>Steadi Ric@aol.com

I agree with your point, Eric, if you're assuming that people want a code dump
in order to  burn into their own eproms. This is basically software piracy, same as
if you make yourself a copy of your friend's windows95 disks, and is illegal and
not nice.

However, if somebody simply wants to see if the code has been changed from stock,
in order to decide wether to buy an IA modification or not, I don't see anything
wrong with that. I personally am very eager to know if Ned is reprogramming the
EPROM or not, and I hope somebody figures it out and tells us yes or no.

I don't think this is any different to analyzing any other product for your own
enlightenment - making measurements of brake pad mu values, characterizing engine oils, 

If Ned can play around with a few discrete components and sell the results to technical
illiterates for $800, then good luck to him. Some people don't know a transistor from
a transexual, and are happy to pay $$$ not to have to think about it.

On the other hand if he has done careful research into optimizing timing maps etc. 
and put the results in on the EPROM, then his product is worth the price, IMHO, to 
technical literates and illiterates alike.

Where it gets fuzzy for me is when he refuses to say what he has done. At this point I get
suspicious and choose not to buy the product, unless someone reverse engineers it to
find out if it's worth it for me.

Nick Craft