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Wanted: TQC


        $15,000 seems a bit high for a TQC.  The going rate for these seems to
be more like $8,500 to $10,000 in decent condition.  If you wanted a real prist
ine example with real low milage than $15K is a good price, but most cars go be
tween the above range and in good condition.  They are less as basket cases.  B
ut, most TQC's I have seen, although in relatively good condition, have had hig
h milage.  These cars are bulletproof, so milage is not really a problem, but i
f you wanted one with real low milage, you'd probably pay a decent price for it
.  I saw one that looked brand new for $15K in Colorado with real low milage, a
nd that was a couple of years ago....it belonged to a proffessional skiier and
was one of his toys.  So, for $15,000 you should be able to get a near perfect
TQC....If your willing to spend that.  Probably worth it if your planning on ke
eping it for a while though!  But, I would say that you could find a real nice
example with decent milage for around $10,000.  Hope this helped.

       California is a good place to look to find the real clean, rust-free car
s, but there seem to be a plentitude of them in Colorado.  Try John Beckius at
Sport Wheels (in Glenwood Springs, CO)....he knows of a lot of TQC's in the are
a and probably knows of a few for sale.  I also usually see one or two in the b
ack of Autoweek (classifieds) every week.