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Re: 88,89 imsa cars

In a message dated 95-12-15 13:54:59 EST, you write:

>     Hello fellow enthusiasts, I'm wondering where I can get more info 
>     on the imsa cars that were based loosely on the 5000tq which seemed to 
>     dominate for the 88&89 racing seasons.

I think 88 was the year they raced in SCCA Trans Am series as 5000s, and
dominated. Then in 89 or 90 in one of the IMSA classes (not GTP, something
like GTO) as 90s, many wins, but DNFs denied them any championships.

I still have a few (had a lot) race review articles from the Trans Am series.
If you want copies send postal mail address.

Mike Aiello
87 5kcsTQ