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Re: Dash rattle


My 92' 100 has the same rattle from the driver side. I looked at the service
record of the previous owner, it seemed like the dealer had tried to fix it
but I guess it didn't work. It only rattle when I drive over sharp bump, it's
kind of like yours 100s. I guess I'll check that piece of plastic as you have

Anthony Chan
85' 5000s still forsale
92' 100 V6 

> From: JGriffJ@aol.com
> Date: Sun, 17 Dec 1995 01:35:08 -0500
> To: feb@febsun.cmhnet.org
> Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: Re: Dash rattle
> In a message dated 95-12-16 02:13:33 EST, Franco writes:
> >I do have an annoying rattle somewhere inside the dash
> >that I can't decide what to do about.  The rattle started
> >out very quiet last April when I got the car, and has only
> >just recently gotten a little louder.  You can hear it
> >anytime the road is not perfectly smooth.  It doesn't matter
> >if you're going 25 or 75, you can hear it about the same.
> I have a '92 100S (ie same as the A6) and I too have a noise that comes from
> somewhere near the dash. And it generally only happens when I hit a sharp
> frost heave or bump. I think I have isolated it to the plastic tray that is
> covering the firewall near the wiper motor etc... so, I don't think it is in
> the dash. When I opened the hood and banged on this piece (it runs width-wise
> across the car at the base of the windshield), it seemed to make the same
> noise. I, too haven't done much about it, since it doesn't happen too often.
> And I agree, I don't want to bring it to the dealer for something like this
> for all the reasons you state... it will come back with other problems in
> addition to still having the original problem (not necessarily 'cuz the
> dealer is incompetent, but 'cuz rattles are hard to isolate.)
> So, take a look at this piece. It may not be in your dash after all....
> Worth considering anyway... it may save the removal of your dash
> unnecessarily.
> Jim
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