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Re: 88, 89 imsa cars

On Sun, 17 Dec 1995 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> Yes BUT we were trying!!  I was never in favor of the rules crap that 
> SCCA was pulling (Less tires, More weight and restrictor plates on the 
> turbo)  We were racing "Our Fathers Olds"!

maybe you can provide the definitive word on how/who decided to impose
those extra penalties and why audi didn't come back the next year.

popular belief is that the teams protested to SCCA and that the rules
essentially outlawed 4wd so they couldn't come back.

1988 was certainly a historic year...  

the company went pretty conservative in the first part of the 1990's
but word is that they are on the upswing again.  there's talk of a new
line of hot cars intended to take on the "M" bimmers and they are to
be called RS4, RS6 and RS8 respectively.  the RS8 has a 40 valve, twin
turbo v8 putting out 408 bhp.  RS4 has the v6 tt and 270+ bhp.

can you imagine a hot A8 on the track?  it is going to be so big
that nothing's going to be able to pass it.. just from its sheer