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Re: 88, 89 imsa cars

>A few years back, I heard that Jo Hoppen was quietly kicked-out of VW/Audi
>due to some conflicts of interest he got himself involved with ... if that
>was indeed the case -- rumors being what they are, you never know for sure
>-- I'd be surprised if Audi chooses him to run their racing operation.  Of
>course, time heals all wounds ... well, most of them anyway.  :^)

Jo is trying to do a privateer entry, If there is a series.  The Factory 
will have there own team over here run by Germans, Don't ask how I know, 
I just know....

As for touring cars here in the US.... It ain't looking good for this 
year or next.  It's not a entry problem, plenty of folks have said yes, 
and several cars ran in a proof of concept test at Road Atlanta this 
fall.  The problem is getting a series sponsor and a scantioning body.


Eric Fletcher

STEADI RIC@aol.com