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90CQ Rr. wiper

The rear wiper in my 90 coupe' is dieing a *slow* and painful death. I say slow
because it has been a problem that has gotten worse over time. When I got the
car it worked perfect, everytime. Now, when I press the stock/arm forward to
engage the wiper it will hesitate then once it goes, it "stutters" back into
the rest position. Now, I have to hold the stock down (for about 15-30 sec.)
to get it go, if at all. I have checked the Fuse. My only guess is the motor
is/has gone bador something has become stuck. Any ideas or suggestions before I
tear apart the rear hatch and start poking around? I mean, its not like I
*need* a rear wiper here in Seattle! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Happy Hollidays,
90 90CQ 39K
90 FZR1000 10K

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