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Wheel lugs/ Pressure to exert

Graydon wrote:

>Anyway, to the question.  If you are wearing a size 10 Nike, then
>you are exactly 25% bigger than I and should therefore use 25% fewer 
>toes.  That would be 6.  Now keep in mind that the distribution of  
>toes is not exactly even (some toes are bigger than others) but,  
>roughly, you can lean on the power bar until your first toe of the  
>second foot gently lifts from the ground.

>Just to correlate data, since you wear a size 10, then I would
>guess your weight at about 175.  If that is close, then the  
>theoretical approach would seem to be quite accurate, and the  
>preceding procedure should proceed without any procedural hickups.

I take it you are assuming your shoes to be size 8, as 10 is 8+25%.  
But you are forgetting that the shoe scale is non-linear, so infact  
the increase is probably more like 5%. and taking the weight into  
account the exact pressure you should exert is:

all of your weight until you feel its good and tight.....

still talking about the wheel lugs obviously!