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86 4000CSQ


I just bought a gold fully loaded 1986 Audi 4000CS Quattro, and am loving it
more and more through this snow filled winter in Montreal, Canada.

I have some questions about some of the perculiarities that [afflict?] this 

1.)  The front end of the car seems increadabily exposed!   The alternator, 
crankpully and power steering pump are directly exposed to whatever comes 
through the lower front grill.
I'll worried about damaging something (driving thru tall snow/rain, rocks & 
salt .)  Is their supposed to be a cover for the lower front grill?  Can I 
put one on?  Should I put one on?

2)  The front shocks [seem] a little loose, physically.   When I hit a bump 
there seems to be a little thump front the bottom of the shock;  I can feel 
it in my feet.  Also the top strut bolt seems hand tight only, however 
whenever I try to tighten it (with the allen key), the whole inner shock 
bolt moves with it.

3)  When cold, the engine sometimes emmits a chattering noise(like valves) 
which comes and goes for the first 2 minutes.  Is this normal or bad?

4)  Finally, the right rear tire seems to be WAY off in camber.  When I look 
from the rear of the car , the top of the tire is MUCH farther in from the 
bottom of the tire. (tilted by about 20 deg)  The back left tire seems only 
slightly tilted.  How do I adjust the camber (is that the camber?) of the 
rear right wheel.  It seems to have a tie-rod assembly, will adjusting this 
affect the camber?
Should I just take it to an alignment shop?

Any help will be much appriciated.  Thanks in advance.


Raagi Pandya
Montreal, Quebec
1986 Audi 4000CS Quattro.