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Re: Unexpected Vehicle Dynamics Part II

In a message dated 95-12-19 12:12:52 EST, you write:

>I have been meaning to put some narrower winter grips on, now I am 
>"highly motivated".

Not sure the weight of that car dictates "narrower" tires so much as a proper
tread.....  Michelins, like the Bimmers (mostly) they put them on,
notoriously, well, um, just plain suck in snow or mud.......  Sounds to me
like you had some ice or very hard packed snow, and me thinks snows may or
may not have helped you here.....  The real trick to the awd on the audis, is
TO KEEP YOUR FOOT IN IT, don't lift throttle or hit the brakes.........  The
traction advantage is on acceleration with the q's.......  And I found over
the years of driving these cars that they swap ends pretty quickly, cuz the
tendency of the torsen/no torsen diffs is to put power at the rear when the
slick conditions apply to both axles.......   And I did it with a 90CQ as