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steers in the snow....

In a message dated 95-12-19 18:38:04 EST, you write:

>differential.........   If both axles slip at the same rate, and you gun it
>the front end lift off will put power to the rear, causing the oversteer
>condition.......  The example cited here sounds like a tire and/or rut
scott--are you referring here to power-induced oversteer?  otherwise i'm
confused by front end lift (rear weight shift on acceleration) causing
oversteer--i'd expect the opposite.

--li >>

Power induced oversteer, yes, by definition.......  The q's tend to "hunt"
for traction, and given the same "slip" front and rear axles, on
acceleration, the weight transfer is to the rear, giving the oversteer
condition famous to the 4 ringed beasts.....  Power transfer to the axles is
slip dependent, the handling dynamics become weight shift dependent on
acceleration, all other things (slip front and rear) being equal......  Ice
handling of the q systems proves this point most interestingly.......