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Re: Audi 80 specs/MPG

> I didnt say that was what I could get out of it, that is just the =
> spec in the handbook. It must be pretty close though, as I travel =
> 35 miles each way to work along dual-carriageways and motorways+ =
> some pottering about in town at the weekend and my overall mpg is =
> 38.6.

I assume you're referring to Imperial gallons, which are 20.09499 percent
larger than U.S. gallons.  38.6mpg x .8326742 equals 32.1mpg, which isn't
impossible to achieve in a 4k driven mostly on freeways (on the trip back
from Las Vegas to Phoenix, which is downhill most of the way, I routinely
averaged 32 to 34 mpg and 70-75mph.  Of course, on the trip over, I could
only manage 25 or 26mpg at that speed...).

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