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S6 in the snow

Where is my service crew?  I feel as if I've been told to run the Swedish Rally
with tires for the Tour De Course.

Many of you are enjoying the snow right now.  The S6 I got for a week yesterday
has got the Z rated Dunlops, 225-50-16 on it.  Yor having more fun than me!

Yesterday morning, my first with the S6 and before the snow the car had a bad
vibration over 35mph.  I called the PR people who give us the cars and they
arranged for the local dealer to check the balance, though I feared worse.  Sure
enough the last "tester" of this car had hammered the LF wheel and tire.  Big
dent inside the rim and a BIG bulge in the sidewall.  The service dept said I'd
have trouble with the Z rated tires in the snow. They had Blizzaks in stock.
They weren't wrong.  On the way there with the snow having started I could
barely stop the car from 15mph.  The lightest braking set off the ABS and I
couldn't steer either.  We called the PR people,not directly with Audi but a
hired firm, and told them about the bad tire/rim and mentioned the suggested
Blizzaks.  They got back and said to replace the bad tire but not to do the
snows.  I don't know if this came from Audi or not but I was told "if it snows
alot don't drive the Quattro'!  Seems like a funny attitude from the people who
want glowing report on their finest.

I don't blame the car in the least.  The Z Dunlops are just inappropriate for
the snow.  I can climb any hill I see. But lateral grip, as I've read on this
list from the experience of others is low. It is just turning and stopping where
I have very very little grip.  Since I'm not John Buffum I'm learning what to
expect.  I think the Torsen center diff moving the grip F-R is throwing me.
Will with my RWD car I can at least get the car pointed the right way with the
gas pedal.  As you know it isn't working quite as well here.  I guess when I
chuck the rear or try to the power goes to the front and then it pushes like a
FWD car. Anyway it is  fun as long as I don't crash of course.

Snow on the coast of CT is wet and packs down hard. Then of course it freezes.
The car is better when the snow is deeper and less packed.

I wish they had gone for the snows.  The car is otherwise superb.

The dealer was Pray Audi in Greenwich CT. The service adviser I spoke to,
Klause, was into Quattros.  He said they had three S4/S6 customers running Neds'
chip, turbo and exhaust manifold.   

I have the car till next Tues.  Anybody got any tips on getting the S6 to turn?
Oh and stopping would be good to.  Wise guys who are apt to tell me to park it
need not respond.  I'm not parking!


Neil Swanson