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With all the talk of hard-to-find BOGEs,
whats the netwisdom on Bilsteins?  Do they
have a moderately soft application for
the 90Q or A6?

Any experience?

My historical Bilstein experience is with
2 VW Scirocco's and an '82 Coupe GT.

Set #1 was inserts for a 78 Scirocco.  Good
schocks, excellent control, but a bit stiff on
sharp pavement irregularities.  Inserts also
raised the car perceptably.

Set #2 was a full suspension kit including
struts (not inserts), spring, and bearings,
for an 81 Scirocco "S" (mit Callaway :-))
Amazingly, this sport set was more compliant
and I loved it!  Nice progressive springs,
lowered the car variable amounts (different
sporing perches), lasted until the car met
an early demise :-(

Set #3 was in teh Audi GT.  Too stiff, by and
large, but great at high speeds.  Raised the car
just a wee bit.

On my 91 90q20v, I'll need new shocks in about
10k miles (they are really lasting - amazing -
I never got more than 50K out of OEMs before).
I do not wish to lower the car - its very low now.

Misc ramblings greatly appreciated, by me, and
hopefully others.

Grant lenahan