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Re: Fuel Enrichment

Are you afraid of the hoses bursting?
Seems to me that you get the best shot at
good fuel distribution using the stock
injectors, or at least stock location.
I am very doubtful that add-on's can 
give you proper cylinder to cylinder 
enrichment.  My concerns are just echos
of Probst's book on the subject.  If 
there IS a system that doesn't have this 
drawback, I would love to know about it.

paul t-

>With all the conversations regarding the turbos running lean at full 
>boost, I am wondering why there is no discussions about utilizing 
>fuel enrichment using vacum to increase fuel quantity. (I don't like 
>the system of increasing fuel pressure.) There are units available 
>that will accomplish this and I don't reccomend HKS.