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Buffum's New Ride

     The Truck that John has been campaigning in Canada is neither his nor 
     Chevy's, it belongs to Carl Merrill a very well to do Rallyist out of 
     Maine.  Carl has ask John to complete the sorting out of this vehicle. 
     Carl has a European Escort Cosworth with big horse power and a seven 
     speed tranny.  Not one to do things half a**ed, so why not ask the 
     best rally driver in North American to put the final stamp on a major 
     The truck started out as a brand new Cyclone, no small change so far, 
     then they built a tube frame for it, next added a de-tuned (500 or so 
     horse) NASCAR V6 Chevy engine, then add a semi-automatic H-pattern 
     (shift without a clutch) transmission, shift  top it of with carbon 
     fiber fenders, hood etc. and you get the idea this ain't just the same 
     truck that pa uses to get to the back forty. 
     Clarke Paynter
     PRO Co-driver
     Halifax,NS Canada
     1986 4000s         252,019 km
     1984 Coupe GT      301,935 km
     1983 Ur-quattro    135,785 km
     1983 Coupe (parts)