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Re: Fog Light Switch?? '85 - '88 5kTurbo

In a message dated 95-12-20 11:06:15 EST, you write:

>Did any of the '85 - '88 5k Turbo cars ever come with factory fog lights?  I
>slapped a set on the TQ so I can see agian, and right now I have 'em wired
>a relay so they turn on whenever I turn the lights on  But, when I get my
>headlights working again, I'm gonna want a switch to only turn 'em on when
>actually foggy.  The switch that came with the kit is junky looking, and I'd
>like to keep the interior of the car looking relatively Audi-like. 

Sort of:
When I bought my 87, I traded the stock radio for a set of Bosch fog lights
they installed. The center consol has a switch that matches the others, in
fact it is identical to the rear defog-has a green triangle that lights when
the fogs are on. Has a light "icon" on it. So, yes it does exist.

Mike Aiello