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Re: Plasti-gauge

> Plastigauge is this plastic "string" you buy. It is very precision made
> string, and comes in a number of "calibrations".
> It's used to measure bearing clearances, a very useful thing to know on
> a nice freshly-blueprinted engine! (also useful on old worn engine to see
> just how worn it is).

Not to sound snooty or anything but if you're REALLY looking to blueprint an
engine (or build one playing the tolerances in your favor), you ought to pop
for the proper measuring tools.  Plasti-gauge is certainly good enough for a
"standard" rebuild of a stock motor but if you're trying to wring a lot more
power out of one, $500 or so spent on some decent measurement tools is money
well spent.  IMHO, YMMV, BTDT, etc.

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