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Re: Thanks! (was RE: Battery replacement)

Richard Klein writes:
> > Thanks for all who replied to my question.  Very helpful indeed.  The 
> > consensus seems agree that Sears DieHard is good (either the Weather Handler
> A little bit of trivia about the DieHards -
> Until roughly a year ago they were actually manufactured by Johnson 
> Controls.  Now they're manufactured by Exide.  It sticks in my mind 
> because a local Johnson plant closed right about the same time Sears 
> announced the switch...

For those of you with an 80-87 Audi 4000, 4000Q or coupe, the biggest
Sears DieHard battery that will fit the battery tray is a model 36241.  
I just installed one in my 4000.  800 cold cracking amps!

The only drawback: the battery case has two plastic "ears" to support a
carry strap over the top of the battery.  Those ears interfere with the
battery tray and must be cut off with a hack saw in order to fit.  Once
cut, it's a very snug fit, but if you want maximum juice, this is the
way to go.

BTW, the new Sears DieHards are warranted for 7 years now.  1.5 year
free replacement, prorated after that.

This battery will probably not fit the Ur-Q or the 5000 series cars
due to the lack of a vent line.

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