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torque steer on 86 5k

Heeeeeee's baaaaaaaaack!

I unsubscribed last night and today ( the day before we leave for a 1,200
mile odessy) something starts happening.  Murphy was right.

I did a few odds and ends to prepare for the trip: check diff oils, changed
engine oil, topped off all the fluids, put the Charlie Smith Deluxe waste
gate spring in (did you get the check yet, Charlie?  Sorry about the Zip
code debacle).  When I took it for a test drive, the car would pull HARD to
the right when I got an attack of heavy foot syndrome.  This happened pretty
much regardless of road crown (happened on banked left turns).  I'm
wondering if I screwed something up when I jacked up the car.  I used a
floor jack with a 4" +/- diamaeter saddle under the box beam in front under
the transmission.  This only happens when I accelerate hard.

Any ideas?  If you can think of a possible cause, please e-mail me directly
because, as I stated earlier, I unsubscribed for the holidays last night.  

Many thanks.  Happy holidays!

Allan Tygert