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90q20v in snow

I am going to the mountains in my 1990 90q20v next week, and was
wondering if their are any preventative maintenance or steps I 
should take before doing so.  Are all season radials ok, or should
I get chains for the front tires?  Should I go with a more viscous
grade of oil?  What parts are prone to failing in the cold(belts, hoses)?
Any precautions that I should take when starting the car after sitting
overnight?  What type of techniques are recommended for driving in the
snow?  Lastly, what can I do to protect my BBS Bugatti wheels and
paint?  I was born and raised in Southern California, so this snow 
business is new to me.

I would greatly appreciate advice from all.

Feliz Navidad,
jstevens@kawian.com             http://www.kaiwan.com/~jstevens                 
Orange County, California          ftp.kaiwan.com/user/jstevens
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