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Joe-Bob Still Racin'

> Gremlins came with wipers?  I thought those were an optional extra...

Naaawww.  Them thangs came with wipers.  It was the doors that wuz 
optional.  My sister's fell off ever now'n then.  The wipers come 
with the thang, 'cept they only worked fer a few thou miles.  She put 
four wiper motors in her Gremlin!!  (She jest couldn't get the engine 
to die!!)
> > Many on this list would surely write pages extolling the virtues of 
> > press-on numbers, which are much longer-lasting than shoe polish.  
> > Consider this seriously if your budget will permit!
> Well, since it's only 14-some miles from the start to finish of Pike's Peak,
> I figure the shoe polish numbers will last just fine ... and with the money 
> I save, I can buy some of those resistor-type thingies over at Earl's Radio
> & TV Shak and get him to modify my car's computer for more power.  I have a
> cousin, Bob-Bob, who swears that's all it takes ('course he hasn't been the
> same since that Beddor fellow reneged on a deal to sell him a Quattro Sport
> from his collection for $5500.  I can't imagine spending that much on a car
> ... heck, you can buy a couple of school buses for that kind of money!).

Shoot, yer right.  And I could fix one'a them buses up right nice to 
live in.  Only problem is, I cain't find that nice avocadda - 
avvocacado - medium green shag carpet I like any more for the floor.  
And it would go right nice with that yellow paint.

You sure you need them re-sistors?  I heard that all's you need to do 
with them terbos is to wrap some bailin' wire around that blowoff 
valve and them thangs will boost like CRAZY!  I expect yer Eagle 
would handle it easy....

 >> That's certainly true.  You might consider filling up your 
> > waser reservoir with methanol and hooking the output hose to your 
> > carburetor.  This sophisticated modification is favored by many who 
> > want that extra "burst of pistons/power" when topping the hill.  Just 
> > push the washer button and it's "YEE-haw".
> Hmmm ... I filled mine with another type of alcohol but it's still "Yee-haw"
> time whenever I push the button.  Only holds a quart or so, though...

Hardly enough to git home frum work, innit?
> > And for extra power, I guess you better buy some Slick 50, 
> > Teflonstuff, and all the other oil treatments you can find on the 
> > shelf.  Just dump 'em all in and see if that doesn't give you a fw 
> > extra HP by reducing friction.
> Come on ... you must think I'm some kind of hick from the sticks: Yes, I've
> already added Slick 50, Restore, Marvel Mystery Oil and STP to my oil (only
> room for one quart because of all the other stuff) and some Tom Collins mix
> to my windshield bottle.  Or have I got that backwards?  

Don't think it matters if you got all that great oil stuff in there.  
But if you put the STP in the washer thingie, it could make the stuff 
too thick to pump when you need a quick snort.
> > If that doesn't work, consider making one out of 2x4's - much easier 
> > to work with and you kin cut'em to fit just right inside that 
> > driver compartment.  Make sure to put em together with deck screws, 
> > though - the vibrations will shake nails loose.
> My other cousin, Ferlin, suggested this but recommended 4x4s instead of 2x4s
> ... he said if it was good enough for Volvo, it should be good enough for me
> and my AMC!

Yeah, but them Volvo types are nutty about makin things safer than 
they need to be.  You want stout???  Then get you an old cattle 
squeeze chite and bolt it together in there!  Now THAT'S what I call 
built fer GO, not just fer show!  Weighs mebbe 300, 400 pounds....

> Thanks for all your suggestions ... if I'd have known how helpful 
> was going to be, I'd have started on this project much sooner.  

Oh, I bet there's lots more help to come frum this list.....

> After I've
> done Pike's Peak, I'm thinking of trying one of them off-road races I read
> about: Pittsburgh-to-Detroit or something like that.  I'm thinking that it
> should be lots of fun as well and a piece-of-cake for a car as reliable as
> mine is!

Frum what I've heard, the potholes make that a pretty good 

:-)  :-) 

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