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Re: dorky dealer

Actually I got almost the same experience from this dealership (Circle 
Imports in Long Beach) Just last week I went there to buy oil filter for 
my Audi S4 and my Porsche 993 turbo (two oil filters). So I told this guy 
on the parts dept counter what I need.  He look at me with this 
blank/stupid stare like I was talking about some foreign parts.  He 
eventually told me that his technician/mechanic already went home hence 
he does not know the part # for the Porsche oil filter.  Now if a guy in 
parts department had to ask the technician/mechanic for the part# of the 
oil filter  then the dealership certainly qualify for the "unqualified 
dealership".  What about more uncommon parts? They have to call the 
technician/engineer in Germany?  BTW I did not even bother to ask about 
the S4 oil filter, he might have answered, "sorry we are not a Lotus car