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Re: V8 surge problems

>On Tue, 26 Dec 1995 Majewskier@aol.com wrote:

>> My '90 V8 "surges",  for lack of a more exact term.  At part throttle. ie.
>> when cruising at a steady highway speed, I can definitely notice a somewhat
>> cyclic increase/decrease  in engine output.
>> Since writing the above, I am wondering if I am experiencing a bad Ox sensor
>> and if I am noticing the lambda? rich/lean feedback loop?

Mine was/is doing the same thing...maybe its seasonal.  I say was/is
because a few months ago I had a surge/lag back onto throttle problem that
turned out to be a vacuum leak. (Paul Rivera suggested I look for that).
Now similar symptoms are back, but I'm betting its the OXS...

Mark Hogan