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Boost and more boost

Dear listers,     
     I have a query for early TQC owners with a heavy (Charlie) Waste Gate
spring and no CPU mods.   I installed  a heavier spring, no shim, and am
running into, I believe, ignition kill.  Has anyone who has not put a diode
in to mute overboost signal run into anything similar?  I bypassed my fuel
relay long ago, for the hell of it this wekend I also grounded my fuel
relay wire in my CPU, (in a much different # location than 5000s by the
way).  Still the same problem, if I step on it at almost full boost(dash
idicated 2+) fuel seems to cut out, if I feather to higher RPMs then stand
on it, it will sputter as in previous scenario then tach will die,
validating the electronic kill theory. 
    Hopefully I will solder in the Zener shortly But I am still interested
in other experiences.