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Audi at DC car show

I spent all day yesterday at the opening of the Washington DC car show.  Audi
had a better than average (but not great) display with a few A6 and A4 and
one convertible, but no S6.  Two quattros as I recall.

Anyway, here is the amazing part.  On the floor were two A4's in WILD colors.
 One was in a bright cranberry/pink and the other in light yellow.  Both were
metalic paints and REALLY bnght and REALLY eye-catching.  Lots of people
looking at them, especially the yellow car with its white interior.  (Sounds
awful, I know, but it wasn't.)  After seeing three large convention halls
full of the usual beige and blah-colored cars, these were a real jolt and
delightful.  So I asked the representative, "Are these factory colors?"
 "Yes", she answered, "but only for Europe.  They won't be sold in America."


Audi America does it again.  Here was a chance to catch the eye of America
and they threw it away.  Why they even put them on display is beyond me.
 There is NOTHING I hate more than going to a show and seeing items that
won't be sold.

- Carl D.