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Audi in the January Car Mags

Well gang, it is once again time to see how ur favorite automotive marque 
fared in the current issues of auto mags.  Just picked up January '96 
issue of European Car.

the did a once over on an A$ that had been played with by Abt in 
Germany.  Article has a little history on Abt and a little on Audi.  
According to the article, various German tuners have been getting 193 to 
286 hp out of the 1.8, 5 valves per cylinfer turbo 4.  In addition to 
some tuning work, this particualr vehicle got some subtle, but very 
effective cosmetic changes including 17" Abt wheels with 215/45 ZR 17s 
rubber in front and 235/40 in the back.  Front and rear air dams, a sport 
suspension that lowers the car 30mm over stock.

a modified turbo, larger intercoller, and rechipped ECU push the 1.8 to 
193 bhp.  Abt could have gone over 200 hp but Gernman insurance rates 
change dramatically over 193hp.  In front drive form the changes only 
result in a 0.3 sec better et  0 to 60 but the torque curver is 
apparently much better.

There is another makeover called the V@ which is reommended only for the 
q.  250 hp is the result with the engine getting a bigger turbo, new 
maifold, headwork, and a highly modified ECU.

Writer's overall impression was VERY positive.

A 2nd story has a V6 with automatic traveling into Gyor, Hungary where 
the 5 valve engines are built.  Again a very positive story claiming that 
the A4 is ". . . at the top of its class."

A sidebar article talks about Audi's growth strategy--18,000 cars sold in 
the US in '95, 25,000 in '96.

The 1.8 5 valve turbo expected to debut in the US in Fall '96, along with 
the A8.  A8 to have 2 engine choices 3.7 liter V8 at 250bhp for front 
drive A8s and a 4.2 liter for the A8q.  The "S" models will carry V6 
turbos with 5 valve cylinder heads.

That's it from here.  time to write my letter to Santa for '96--

Bill Murin