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Re: V8 O2 placement

The placement of the O2 sensor in the H pipe is actually the best place to
put it on a "torque pipe" exhaust system.......  The heat is at the greatest
point in that location, and it eliminates the need for two sensors.......
 And since this location isn't in the "jet stream" of the exhaust, it should
last a lot longer than putting it on one of the manifolds or
downpipes.........   You are not missing any of the exhaust flow "sensing"
properties by putting it here, and engineering wise, it makes the most sense,
cuz if you look at the two sensor system, they average the readings and send
one value to the lambda circuit, unless you have two Motronic units like in
the Ferraris............  BMW's put the O2 in the front of the cat for the
same "highest heat" argument on the single exhausts......   The H pipe heat
theory is the same as the cat placement theory, and in fact, placement of the
"H" is an old v8 racers trick ( spray paint on a running downpipe, where it
boils go 1 inch back and put the H)......  NJTH