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Turbo Quattro Brake Rotors

<I have a 1991 200 Turbo Quattro. A very nice car that I have enjoyed
<We have just turned 66K miles on the car. At about 58K we noticed a pulsing
<in the front end when the brakes were applied

I have a 91 turbo wagon and had the same problem at 45K.  I was lucky I had a
month left on the warrenty.  The problem reoccured in about 3K.  The rotors
were replaced again at Audi's expense due to 1 year parts warrenty.  This
time the dealer suggested the old pads were part of the problem and new pads
and sensors cost me about $325.  I am getting nervous since I have only a few
months left on the warrenty.  I wonder if this is a design problem.

Bob Watts