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Re: More V8 O2 placement

.......  And the O2 on each bank is to protect the cat from a fuel wash of
the cat/s, and a resulting fire......  If the right bank is running rich
while the left is in stoich with the single O2 on the left, hydrocarbons will
get in a fully functional and very hot cat, lighting the bic pretty
quickly.......  with a single O2 even when it's rich, it tends to slowly gas
wash the cat until the rich condition subsides.......   Doubling up is cheap
protection at that stage.......  On your car with dual cats and a single
sensor the right bank could be rich and the left lean, but the O2 will
compensate for that to some extent, so the effect is that the respective cats
will act like a single exhaust system in that one cat can be "washed" while
the other is running at stoich efficiency.....