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RE: PS Rack for 200t/200tq

Scott, with regards to the long rack/short rack controversy I believe that
there is one more issue that needs to be considered in addition to the cost.
It turns out that there is a bump stop inside the end of the rack that gets
reused when you buy a short rack.  I found that the thing was falling apart
and leaving small hardened rubber bit in the tube.  I wondered if this did 
not contribute to the failure of the seals in the first place.  Of course I
am assuming that the stop gets replaced when you purchase a rebuilt long
rack ... I don't know if this is truly the case.  

I have heard that there is a company that sells stainless steel sleeved 
rebuilt racks.  You might want to look into one of those to increase the
chances that the replacement rack will last longer than the original ...

... I know that the ABS isn't an issue with rack removal (BTDT on an '88),
and I'm thinking that the airbag shouldn't be an issue either ... you 
don't have to remove the steering wheel.

Hope this helps!
Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)