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Caliber of weaponry

In a message dated 96-01-02 19:38:29 EST, you write:

>So how were the cop's tires?  Nearly bald?  
>At what tread depth is the cop's speedo calibrated?  Full tread?  Bald?  In
>How much would well worn tires effect this calibration?  
>Did he have snow tires on instead of his regular summer tires for which the
>speedo was calibrated?  
>Were those snow tires exactly the same diameter as his regular tires?
>Were they properly inflated?  

That would be a very hard argument to make in court, and (meranda this) could
be used against you just as easily (we are only talking about the
perponderance of evidence, not beyond a reasonable doubt).........  BTDT, the
judge indicated a cailibrated speedo is just that, and all that scientific
mumbo jumbo wasn;t going to "work".....  Speedo calibration on the cop cars
is more the range of calibration (i.e. @ 30,60 100mph) more than the accuracy
at a given speed....)  Again, the tire argument is really hard to make, the
manufacturers basically take the 1000rpm cable speed at 60 as the target, but
the variation could include all tire sizes available for said vehicle......
The only variation of apps I've ever seen was in relation  to gear ratios not
tire size.....  NJTH.......