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Re: subarus (was: A valid comparison

> remember that automatic transmissions were used in formula 1 racers
> before they were banned.  today's cars still have clutchless
> sequential shifts and safeguards to prevent over revving.  i don't
> see a macho factor in using a manual.  

A minor point but "automatic transmissions" as you and I know them were not
very widely used in F1.  Instead, they used manual gearboxes with automatic
shifting and when this was banned, went to semi-automatic shifting where it
was up to the driver to determine when to shift.

BTW, there's a company in the UK that is now offering a conversion for BMW
automatics that will allow you to shift them manually as you please rather
than whenever the brain decides to shift.  You can even add steering wheel
mounted switches (or paddles behind the wheel) and pretend you are driving
an F1 car!  Of course, it's not cheap at 1200+ pounds but it sounds like a
lot of fun... 

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