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Aux Relay panel in my '91 200tq20v

OK all you netters out there...where might I find the "auxiliary relay
panel" in my '91 200tq20v.  The Bentley manual seems to indicate that
it is located near the left front footwell, but there is also some
other stuff there too.  I haven't looked in detail, since it's been
too cold in my garage lately :-(.  BTW, I'm looking to find this panel
so I can swap heated seat relays  to debug why my driver's heated seat
is non-functional.  Disassembly instructions for dummies are
appreciated; besides, my Bentley manual leads me to think that even
changing a fuse could detonate my airbag :-)

Also, how to do I remove the heated seat switches from the instrument
panel.  It looks like I remove the side panels on the console and then
push them out from the back.  Prying from the front only removes the
front covers.

All this stuff was much simpler in my '8 4000q...


John Mallick