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Re: A "Q" survey ** RESULTS

At 11:37 AM 1/3/96, Darin Nederhoff wrote:

[car care survey results]
>7.  Favorite carpet / upholstry cleaner?
>        -Good Old Woolite in a spray can

Those Woolite (and other brand) carpet/upholstery cleaners in a spray can
are a highly concentrated soap with "whiteners" (some of them) added.
Beware what this does to your carpet and/or upholstery--the stuff gets into
the fabric/fibers, and since it's "waterless," the soap never gets out.
Unfortunately, the unremoved soap is an incredible magnet for dirt--it looks
good for awhile, but the eventually, it gets worse and worse.  Ask a
professional carpet cleaner (the guys with the truck mounted steam cleaning
systems)--I steam cleaned grandma's carpet while she was out of town, and he
guessed by the sudsy soap his machine picked up (she uses the stuff like
holy water).
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